Proxy Setup

Using GMetrix SMS in a Proxy Environment



To set up the GMetrix SMS software in a proxy environment, you will need to be familiar with the following screens. Version 3.2 is on the left, and 4.0 is on the right.

Network Settings windowNetwork Settings window

The Network Settings window is accessed from the GMetrix SMS login screen, in the lower left hand corner.

In 3.2, This page has 2 options.

  1. Connecting via IP address (As of June 5 2014, this connection option is no longer available.)
  2. Connecting via Proxy server

Connecting Via Proxy server is the second option in 3.2, and the only option in 4.0. With this option selected, enter the IP address and Port of your Proxy server.

If your proxy server requires authentication, check the third checkbox, and enter it there.

Click Save to save the changes, and log in to your GMetrix account.

Potential Problems and Errors

The Network Settings are saved per user. As such, each user that wants to use the GMetrix Software in a proxy environment will need to enter the proxy information, unless a default user profile is in use.

The Proxy file settings are saved in the users App Data folder. this is a hidden folder in the user folder of each user.

In environments where each user will be using the same settings, you can set up the proxy settings once, then copy the GMetrixSMS folder from your user folder. This is either in \AppData\Roaming or just \AppData, depending on your operating system. The GMetrixSMS folder can be added to each users AppData folder, either manually, or through the default user profile.

You should now be able to log in to the GMetrix Software through or around your proxy server!

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